AquaCera Gravity Filter Systems Go Anywhere

Fresh & Clean Water Anywhere –Camping, Hiking & More

Fresh and clean water is essential for your health, weather your drinking water comes from a tap, bottle, or stream. Water filtration for the home is a common practice. On a daily basis we use whole house filters, countertop water filters, and in-line refrigerator filters to ensure that our drinking water is safe and tastes great. Now, with an AquaCera Gravity Water Filter System you can enjoy delicious and safe drinking water anywhere, including rustic and remote camping sites!


Safe and Great Tasting Water – No Boiling Needed

The AquaCera line of Gravity Water Filter Systems are designed to work completely without electricity. All three styles employ gravity to filter the water through high quality CeraGrav filters that utilize a ceramic outer shell and a GAC core to remove harmful bacteria, chlorine, and all particle contaminants to a micron level of 0.5. The AquaCera Gravity Water Filter Systems are ideal for camping, hiking, power outages, boil alerts, or any time you need fresh and clean drinking water.


AquaCera’s Line of Gravity Filtration Systems Include:

  • LP5 - The LP5 is lightweight and durable and comes with a CeraGrav Plus Dome Filter to provide you with up to 7 gallons of safe and great tasting water. The LP5 is perfect for picnics, RVs, cabins, campsites, and more.
  • SS - The SS is constructed of durable and lightweight stainless steel, making it completely portable. The SS includes four CeraGrav Plus filters and has a 4.5 gallon capacity. The SS will give you the pure and clean water you need wherever you are.
  • Mini Traveler - The Mini Traveler is the smallest and lightest AquaCera Gravity Water Filter System and comes complete with a 5” CeraGrav Plus filter to provide you with safe and delicious drinking water. With its 2 liter capacity and collapsible design, you can throw the Mini Traveler in a bag and go!


Water Softeners & Filters is your source for the AquaCera Gravity Water Filter Systems. We carry the entire line of AquaCera products, including a wide range of accessories and filters for use with the gravity filter systems. If you have any questions about the AquaCera Gravity Water Filter Systems contact us today.