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AquaCera LP5 CeraGrav Gravity Water Filter System with 7 inch CeraMetix Filter 18% OFF

Model #: W9375016

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The AquaCera LP5 CeraGrav Gravity Water Filter System with 7 inch CeraMetix Filter is lightweight and durable. The AquaCera LP5 is completely portable and requires no power to operate.

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The AquaCera LP5 CeraGrav Gravity Water Filter System with 7 inch CeraMetix Filter is designed to work without electricity, using gravity to filter the water in the upper chamber through the filter candles in the lower chamber.

CeraMetix is the most advanced ceramic filter available. Utilizing AquaMetix core technology to offer the reduction of aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, chloramines, chlorine, cysts, fluoride, lead, mercury, nickel, radionuclides, silver, tri-halomethane, VOC's and zinc in a single, revolutionary ceramic filter element. CeraMetix elements are available for use in both pressurized and gravity filter systems, filters for gravity use are designated as CeraMetix and utilize a granular form of AquaMetix No matter the water source, this process will give you clean and clear drinking water that is safe and tastes great. In addition, the CeraMetix filter can be cleaned over 100 times with any good scrubby pad. Just rub the outside layer of the filter with a wet scrubby pad and that's it.

The AquaCera LP5 W9375016 has a 7 gallon capacity and can hold up to 5 AquaCera filter candles., making it perfect for a variety of applications from camping and emergency situations to everyday use.  Can be used with 5, 7, 9 or 10 inch CeraMetix filter candles.

This filter removes: Pathogenic bacteria (cholera, typhoid, salmonella, E coli, etc.) -Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and many more parasites.




Absolute rating: 0.5 Micron Inorganics Removal: >95% Dimensions (collapsed): 11.25” W x 16.75” T
Nominal rating: 0.2 to 0.8 Micron Turbidity (NSF Std 53): >98% Dimensions (assembled): 11.25” W x 28.5” T
Pathogenic bacteria: >99.999% (100% cryptosporidium) Filter capacity: Up to 5—Imperial 7” filters Gallons per day: 10 - 14

LP5 Performance

Working Pressure Min 5 psi - Max 125 psi
Flow/drip Rate 2 candles -0.5 gph
Temperature 32 — 110 (°F)
Liters 3785 per candle
Gallons 1000 per candle


Pathogenic Organisms, Inorganic, and Organic Removal:

Turbidity Reduction >99.7%
E.Coli >99.99%
Cholera >99.99%
Shigella >99.999%
Typhoid >99.999%
Klebsiella >99.999%
Cryptosporidium >99.999%
Giardia >99.999%
Organics Removal >95% gravity / >95% pressure
Chlorine >90%
Chloramines >80%
Lead N/A
Arsenic N/A
Nitrate N/A

Additional Information

SKU W9375016
Model # W9375016
Manufacturer AquaCera
Recommended Use Chlorine Removal, Dirt Filtration, Heavy Sediment Filter, Organics Removal, Purifies Drinking Water, Rust Filtration, Sand Filtration, Sediment Filtration, Silt Filtration
Carbon Cartridge Filters granular
Cartridge Filter Length 7 inch
Country of Manufacture United States
Gallons Per Hour 1 gph
Color Clear
Microns 0.5 micron
Filter Type ceramic