Best Water for Coffee

If you are a coffee aficionado it is important to have the ability to make the best tasting coffee possible in your home or office. There are a variety of water issues that can cause even the highest quality premium roast to taste less than spectacular. Water Softeners & Filters can help you get the water you need to make delicious coffee.

The first step towards ensuring that your water is ideal for coffee making is to have it tested. We offer free water testing to analyze your water’s hardness, pH level, total dissolved solids, iron content, and chlorine levels. In addition, we offer a range of water test kits to check for levels of copper, pesticides, sodium, etc.

Once you determine the contaminants that are affecting the taste of your coffee we can provide you with the appropriate filtration products to solve the issue:

Chlorine - chlorine taste and odor can be resolved by utilizing a carbon water filter.

Organics - organics including THMs, insecticides, pesticides, plant and animal matter can be removed using organic removal filters and media.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) - TDS level should be at 60 to 100 ppm for optimum coffee making. Reduce TDSs with any of our sediment filtration products.

Hardness - Hard water is best corrected by using a water softener.

Sodium - Lower levels of sodium, less than 10 mg/L, are recommended for better tasting water, and in turn coffee. RO systems are a great solution for lowering sodium levels in your water.

pH Levels - Neutral pH levels are ideal for brewing coffee. Acid neutralizers are available in a variety of forms, from inline filters to complete acid neutralizing systems.

Iron - Iron taints the taste of water even at low levels. Reduce iron in your water with any of our iron removal products.

Water Softeners & Filters has the expertise to assist you in getting the clean and pure water you need to make the best coffee possible. Contact us for more information about the best water for coffee.