Dirt & Sand Water FIlter

Do you have particles and debris in your water? Sediment in your water could be a variety of things including sand, dirt, and rust. Sediment ends up in your water supply in a variety of ways, from new well construction to defective bedrock, or even from excessive dissolved minerals in the water.

Sediments are natural particles that are a result of weathering and corrosion. Sediments may present themselves in water as a gritty film, cloudiness, or color that does not settle at the bottom of a container. Some sediments only develop in well water after being exposed to air.

No one wants dirty water, whether it’s for cooking or cleaning, so there are a few options for sediment removal, depending on the type of sediment.

  • Sand Removal:
    • Rusco -the only choice for sand removal
  • Dirt & Other Sediment:


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