AquaCera Gravity Water Filter Systems Emergency Water

There are many situations where fresh, clean, and safe drinking water can become scarce including everything from tornados to brownouts. In an emergency or disaster situation water availability may be compromised or contaminated.

How much emergency water do you need?

The typical healthy person can easily go through at least one gallon of water a day, half for drinking and half for cooking and sanitation. If it is excessively hot, or if you are sick, you can plan on drinking at least a gallon a day. Storing this quantity of water can become quite burdensome; an AquaCera Gravity Water Filtration System is the perfect solution for providing clean, safe, and great tasting water.

The Ultimate "Doomsday" Water Filter System for Disasters and Emergencies

The AquaCera line of Gravity Water Filter Systems are created to function completely without electricity. No power? No problem. All three styles of AquaCera Gravity Water Filter Systems use gravity to move the water through high quality CeraGrav filters that utilize a ceramic outer shell and a GAC core to remove harmful bacteria, chlorine, and all particle contaminants to a micron level of 0.5. The AquaCera Gravity Water Filter Systems are ideal for power outages, boil alerts, municipal water contamination or shortages, or any time you need clean and fresh drinking water.

AquaCera’s Gravity Water Filtration System Styles Include:

  • LP5 - The LP5 is lightweight and durable and comes with a CeraGrav Plus Dome Filter to provide you with up to 7 gallons of safe and great tasting water. The LP5 will provide you with the water you need in emergency situations.
  • SS - The SS is constructed of durable and lightweight stainless steel, making it completely portable. The SS has a 4.5 gallon capacity and includes four CeraGrav Plus filters. The SS will supply you with the pure and clean water you need wherever you are.
  • Mini Traveler - The Mini Traveler is the lightest and smallest AquaCera Gravity Water Filter System and includes a 5” CeraGrav Plus filter to furnish you with delicious and safe drinking water. Have to relocate to a shelter area? With its 2 liter capacity and collapsible design, you can easily throw the Mini Traveler in a bag.


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