Lead Water Treatment


The Flint Water Crisis has shed the light on the lead problems of a single large community in Michigan but its unintended consequences has revealed that this city isn’t the only one with this issue. In fact, in a USA Today investigative report, there were over 2,000 other communities across the United States with lead problems in their water. It’s not uncommon for lead problems to be found around a small, often untested area like a subdivision or even a house. When water leaves a treatment center, it will almost always be safe for drinking but it’s the series of pipes, including the ones in your home, that may be allowing lead to seep into the water.

Water Softeners & Filters offers solutions to ease the minds of worried residents who may have received notices of lead in their water or those wishing to reduce the impurities that are finding their way into the drinking water. We have the softener systems and water filters available to accommodate your needs whether you want a whole house water filter system or ones that simply cover a single sink faucet. Here are a few ways to prevent lead and other properties from making it into your water.

Lead Testing Kit

The first step is finding out how much lead is in your water. The EPA recommends water be completely free from lead as no level of lead is safe. They do however allow up to 15 ppb of lead in municipal water systems. Test your lead with our lead testing kit, which gives instant results.

Lead Removal Water Treatment Options

Whole House Water Filters: A whole house water filter takes the approach of filtering out lead and other impurities so that every drop of water in your home, including from sinks, dishwasher, refrigerator, showers, etc., is lead-free.

Whole House Water Treatment Systems: When you utilize a softener you’ll be treating hard water and ultimately reducing lead by 70%. When you treat hard water, you’ll find the water smells and tastes better, and you’ll find your dishes and laundry are cleaner. Additionally, a heavy metal removal system has proven to remove greater than 95% of lead in water. While a whole house treatment system may have a higher up front cost, long term these systems have low operating costs and pay for themselves over time.

Drinking Water Systems: Drinking water systems, commonly called point of use water treatment systems, provide treated water for drinking. They can vary widely in cost, quality, and style. Below are a few of the most popular systems that effectively remove lead from your drinking water.

Refrigerator Filters: A refrigerator filter is used only for the refrigerator and will filter water going through the refrigerator and ice maker. Water Softeners & Filters has hundreds of refrigerator filters available so matching it with your refrigerator will be easy.

If you’re concerned about the lead levels in your area or you want to ensure that you and your family are drinking the best tasting, clearest, and cleanest water, invest in a lead removal system for your home. At Water Softeners & Filters we stock a wide variety of filters from top-name brands so you can rely on our products to keep your water clean and safe to drink.

Read the USA Today Article.

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