How to Rebed Your System

So your water pressure isn't the greatest, or the resin in your system is no longer effective.  It is time time to rebed your system. Let's prepare the tank right now.

Prepare the Tank for Rebedding

  1. Put the system into bypass. Some systems have bypasses installed directly on them and other use a three valve bypass. The bypass will shut the water supply off to the machine and still give you water to the rest of your home.  If you do not have a bypass system, you may have to shut the water off to the whole home.
  2. Relieve the pressure from the system. Put the machine into backwash or follow the directions in your manual to relieve the pressure from your system.
  3. Disconnect the control valve from the plumbing, leaving the bypass connected to the water supply.
  4. Unthread the control valve from the mineral tank. (Left loose, right tight).
  5. Pull the center distributor tube out of the media tank without damaging it.  If you cannot remove the distributor tube with the media in the tank, remove it after the media is extracted.  The distributor tube runs down the center of the tank from the control valve to a small dimple in the center of the bottom of the tank where the distributor basket sits.
  6. Empty out all of the old media from the tank.  You can suck it out with a shop vac, carefully dump the tank up side down, or purchase one of our mineral extractors (part number: EXTRACTOR-STD).
  7. Rinse the tank out well, feel free to put a small amount of bleach water in the tank and swoosh it around.  That will kill anything that may be living inside of the tank like bacteria.
  8. Rinse the tank again to remove all of the bleach water.


Now that your tank has been prepared, follow the refill directions below!

Refill Your Media Tank

  • Step 1: Make sure the distributor basket is centered at the bottom of the tank in the dimple. It is important to cap/tape off the top of the distributor tube so media does not get inside the tube. Use a cap or a piece of tape to cap it off.
  • Step 2: Add the gravel or garnet to the bottom of the tank, if gravel or garnet is required (all backwashing systems require gravel and most softeners tanks with a diameter of 10" or larger may also use gravel). You will be provided the correct amount with your order.  The gravel will cover the entire basket of the distributor.  Gravel helps to keep the flow rates up, water flows better through gravel than straight media.  Not all systems require gravel or garnet.
  • Step 3: Add the new filter media to the tank.  Be sure to order the correct amount.  You will have extra space at the top of the tank after you fill it, that space is called free board.  Your tank should be filled just over 3/4 of the way full with dry media right out of the bag.  After the media gets wet, it may settle down to a lower level but do not worry about that.
  • Step 4: Fill the media tank all the way to the top of the tank threads with cold water.  Fill the tank slowly, so you do not over fill and possibly lose media onto the floor.
  • Step 5: Remove the cap or tape from the top of the distributor. Use a silicone lube to lubricate the two o-rings on the bottom of the control valve. One o-ring is to seal the distributor tube and the other is to seal the valve to the tank. Thread the control valve back onto the tank being careful not to cross thread. Hand tight plus a little extra snug is just fine, do not over tighten and do not use tools to tighten.
  • Step 6: Connect the system back to the bypass or plumbing and slowly open the inlet valve first, then the outlet. Go to a faucet and open up a cold water line to purge the air. 
  • Step 7: Run the system through a cycle (regeneration or backwash) when the rebed is complete.  That will reprime any floats, brine valves, tubing and brine tanks in your system.  Also running a cycle will help rinse the media down so you don't get any discolored water, media fines or media dust in your homes water.
  • Step 8: The job is now complete!!

When adding new resin to your media tank, at Water Softener & Filters, we provide you with a wide variety of choices to meet the needs of your system, including:

Water Softener Resin


If you have any questions on how to rebed your system contact us today.