Red Stains

Red stains on fixtures and clothing are typically caused by water with high levels of iron. To effectively combat red stain causing iron it is important to determine what type of iron you are dealing with and choose the appropriate treatment option.

Oxidized Iron

- appears as red particles in water. Cartridge filters are not recommended for this type of iron due to clogging issues. Oxidized iron can be removed from your water by using an iron removal medium.

Soluable Iron - also known as “clear water” iron, soluable iron oxidizes once the water is exposed to air, creating rust particles in the water. To remove soluable iron a variety of iron removal products can be utilized, including a softener and filter combination or a filter with potassium permanganate.

Colloidal Iron - appears as very small particles that when held up in a clear glass look more like colored water than actual particles. Colloidal iron is typically bound to other substances. A chlorine feeder will oxidize the organic material away from the iron allowing agglomeration. Polymers that attract the tiny particles can also be used to for clumps large enough to be filtered.

Bacterial Iron - consists of bacteria that feed on the iron found in water and pipes. Bacterial Iron appears as a reddish or greenish slime that follows the water’s path, often found in toilet tanks. Bacterial iron issues will need to be aggressively combated by continuously feeding high doses of chlorine into your water.

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