Reverse Osmosis Filter Package For 5 Stage Systems (With 1/4" InLine GAC)

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Reverse osmosis filter package for your 5 stage R.O. system (NRO5-50, Aqua Elite, and many more). This package includes one of each filter. (1) Pentek P5 Micron Poly Sediment Filter. (1) 155531-43, Pentek EP-10 carbon block filter. (1) 155109-43, Pentek GAC-10 carbon filter. (1) NINCF-10-QC, Extra contact carbon filter with 1/4" quick connect fittings. If your looking for a membrane, look to the right of the page in our related products section.
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Reverse osmosis filter package for your 5 stage R.O. system, featuring a sediment filter, a carbon block filter, a GAC carbon filter, and an extra contact carbon filter with 1/4" Quick Connect Fittings.

Carbon Cartridge Filters granular
Cartridge Filter Length 10 inch
Manufacturer Pentek
Microns 5 micron
Filter Type spun
Recommended Use Chlorine Removal, Dirt Filtration, Heavy Sediment Filter, Hydrogen Sulfer Removal, Improves Taste, Purifies Drinking Water, Sediment Filtration
Model # 155014-43/155531-43/155109-43/NINCF-10-QC
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