Reverse Osmosis Systems FAQ

The Aqua Elite RO System Advantages

If you are in the market for an RO system, you owe it to yourself to learn the facts. Not all reverse osmosis systems are created equal, not even close. Here we will try to help you understand what to look for when shopping for a reverse osmosis system.

Ease of Installation

One of the ways that some RO manufacturers and retailers try to keep the cost down on their reverse osmosis systems is not to include everything you need for a typical installation. The cost of the tubing, fittings and faucet can add considerably to the apparently "low" cost of the system. At WSF, we don't believe in "bait and switch" marketing. All of our reverse osmosis systems come complete with everything you need for a typical under-sink installation job. Not only that, but we supply our systems with high-quality John Guest fittings and tubing to ensure that your installation is a success.

Practical Use Scenarios - Storage Tanks

Most consumer-grade reverse osmosis systems are equipped with a relatively small storage tank of about 1.8 gallon capacity. The reality of a reverse osmosis storage tank is that a 1.8 gallon tank does not store a full 1.8 gallons of product water. Inside of the tank is an air bladder which reduces the storage capacity. In addition, many consumers find that 1.8 gallons is simply not that much water once you start using your RO system. For example, if you draw a typical pitcher of water, that will consume 3-4 quarts out of the storage tank, leaving only 1-3 quarts remaining (in a 1.8 gallon tank) while the system recovers. Now, if someone comes to the faucet for a glass of water, or if you want to brew a pot of coffee, etc, you may find that you have exhausted your tank before you know it.

All of the RO systems we sell here at WSF come with a 4 gallon storage tank - more than double the size of many other RO systems on the market. We know that it is long-term customer satisfaction that will earn your trust and business for the long term, so we will settle for nothing less.

The material that the RO storage tank is made of is also of concern. The Aqual Elite RO systems ship with a fiberglass tank, rather than the steel tanks shipped by most manufacturers. The fiberglass tank will never dent, and will never rust. A fiberglass storage tank also provides better protection for the air bladder inside of the tank.

Tubing - Size DOES Matter

The components of home reverse osmosis systems are connected using flexible plastic tubing. Some system designs utilize more tubing than others, but all RO systems use tubing at some point in the system. It is important to consider the size of the tubing used both internally within the system, as well as the connection from the main water supply, the storage tank, and to the RO faucet. The Aqua Elite reverse osmosis systems all use 3/8" tubing throughout the system and for all external connections. Many other units have 1/4" tubing connections internally, as well as connections to the water supply, storage tank, and faucet. While 1/8" of tubing size may not seem like much, the Aqua Elite with it's 3/8" tubing actually provides up to 40% more water flow than systems with 1/4" tubing. Not only will you get more water out of your RO faucet faster, but your storage tank will recover more quickly. One more reason why the Aqua Elite RO systems stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Replacement Filters & Maintenance

Some manufacturers of cheap home reverse osmosis units will trick consumers by offering a low price on the unit, only to charge a fortune for the replacement filters necessary to keep your system running properly. Any RO system you consider should use standard #10 replacement filter cartridges. This ensures not only that you have many sources of replacement cartridges, but that the cost of maintaining your system over the long term is reasonable. Of course, the Aqua Elitie line of home RO units all use standard #10 replacement filter cartridges. At WSF, we have created a variety of replacement filter "packages" for RO systems to make filter selection easy, and provide you with choices in how you treat your water. Don't be fooled, though, our packages are nothing more than specially priced bundles of our standard filter cartridges.

Aqua Elite - Superior Value in Home RO Systems

As you can see, the Aqua Elite Home Reverse Osmosis systems are loaded with the best features available in a home RO unit. You will be pleasantly surprised that the cost of one of our top-notch Aqua Elite systems is only a small fraction higher than most consumer-grade RO units that you can find at your local home improvement store. Yes, quality does cost a little bit more, but the value of the Aqua Elite RO is unmatched at any price point. For the best quality at the most reasonable prices, we choose to offer the exceptional line of Aqua Elite RO systems.

If you have any questions about reverse osmosis systems please contact us.