USA Water Softener Filter Drinking Water System

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Finally, a drinking water system that has all components made right here in the USA.

The USA Water Softener Filter Drinking Water System, assembled in Michigan, includes:

  • Water filter housing, made in Kentucky
  • Superior water filter cartridge that will remove dirt, rust, chlorine, cysts, cryptosporidium, Giardia, lead and many other contaminants, that is manufactured in Texas
  • The unbreakable Superb Wrench that is 50% larger for ease of removing the filter, made in Michigan
  • Metal mounting bracket, made in Michigan
  • Tubing, made in North Carolina
  • Compression fittings, made in New York


The USA Water Softener Filter Drinking System has been designed to use your current faucet, so no additional faucet is required. It will replace and is better than any faucet filters.

We also carry a whole house filter made completely in the USA, visit our USA Water Softener Filter Whole House System to learn more.

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This system will replace the need to have a faucet mounted water filter or a counter top system that hook up to the faucett. There will be no need for a pitcher filtration system and this system can be hooked up to your refrigerator.

Made in the USA

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